What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally-distributed multi-model database service.

Azure Cosmos DB was built from the ground up with global distribution and horizontal scaling at its core and offers turn-key global distribution across all Azure regions by transparently scaling and replicated your data wherever your users are.

Turnkey Global Distribution

Easily build planet-scale, always "on", highly responsive, multi-homed applications without the hassle of complex, multiple-datacenter configurations. Designed as a globally distributed database system, Azure Cosmos DB allows you to write to and read from the local replicas of your Azure Cosmos DB database, which is replicated across any number of Azure regions.

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Limitless elastic scalability

Azure Cosmos DB elastically scales reads and writes globally and pay only for the throughput and storage you need. Designed with transparent horizontally-partitioning, and multi-master replication, Azure Cosmos DB offers unprecedented elastic scalability for your writes and reads, all around the globe!

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Guaranteed low latency

Build highly responsive, planet scale applications. With its novel multi-master replication protocol and latch-free and write-optimized database engine, Azure Cosmos DB guarantees less than 10-ms latencies for both, reads and (indexed) writes at the 99th percentile, all around the world.

Well-defined consistency choices

You no longer have to make the extreme tradeoffs between consistency, availability, latency and programmability. Azure Cosmos DB's multi-master replication protocol is carefully designed to offer five well-defined consistency choices - strong, bounded staleness, consistent-prefix, session, and eventual-for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability for your globally distributed applications.

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Multi-model with native NoSQL API support

Azure Cosmos DB allows you to model real world data using key-value, graph, column-family, and document data models. You don't have to deal with the hassle of managing schemas and secondary indexes - Azure Cosmos DB automatically indexes all data at the time of ingestion. You can also use your favorite API including Azure Cosmos DB's Core (SQL), Apache Cassandra, Gremlin, Table Storage and Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB API to access your data stored in your Azure Cosmos DB database.

Enterprise-grade performance and security

Rest assured your apps are running on a "battle-tested" database service built on world-class infrastructure. Azure Cosmos DB gives you enterprise-grade security and compliance, and is the first and only service to offer industry-leading comprehensive SLAs for 99.999% high availability, latency at the 99th percentile, guaranteed throughput, and consistency.

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Why choose Azure Cosmos DB?

Find out why customers all over the world, in many different industries, rely on Azure Cosmos DB.

Why choose Azure Cosmos DB?

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