Azure Cosmos DB Customers

Customers all over the world, in many different industries, rely on Azure Cosmos DB. Here's what they say.

Johnson Controls

Azure Cosmos DB is at the heart of the processing system, feeding in additional data as needed and storing processed data, with its Graph API allowing developers to process graph data in any language with minimal integration time.

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"Azure Cosmos DB provides so much right out of the box and seems to have an answer for all our needs, like configurable TTL, encryption, RESTful API, and speed-oh, is it fast!"

- Jose Molina-Melendez, Software Engineer

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"We chose Azure Cosmos DB because of its global distribution and ability to handle heavy seasonal bursts like Black Friday."

- Bob Strudwick, Chief Technology Officer

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"Reliability plays a key role in our mission-critical systems, which require predictable, lightning-fast performance and SLAs of at least 99.99 percent uptime. I'm very glad that we are using Azure Cosmos DB."

-Jonas Granlund: Cloud Architect Consultant

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Siemens Healthineers

"Azure Cosmos DB is an amazing technology. The biggest benefit for us is that we can have one database for anonymous data that is replicated worldwide into all regions that are relevant for us, in a consistency model that perfectly fits our needs."

- Thomas Gossler, Lead Architect, Digital Ecosystem Platform

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"When we were building Jet's next-generation event sourcing platform, CosmosDB offered the low latency, high throughput, global availability, and rich feature set critical to our success."

- Scott Havens, Director of Software Engineering

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"More than data migration, customers need Archive360 to help organize and classify their data and detect anomalies. That's where Azure Cosmos DB really shines for us."

-Glenn Luft, Vice President of Operations

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Azure Cosmos DB provides the backbone of the solution, giving GranDen worldwide, low-latency, highly scalable data access.

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clearTREND Research

"Business models are under attack, especially in the financial industry. Azure Cosmos DB is a technology that can adapt, evolve, and allow a business to innovate faster in order to turn opportunities into strategic advantages."

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"The market and the customer need have become much broader as aircraft and engines have gotten more talkative and the scope of our services has increased. There are terabytes of data coming from large aircraft fleets, with gigabytes per hour-rather than kilobytes-to process and analyze."

- Nick Farrant, Senior Vice President

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"With Azure as a base platform, we can move data within the environment and into the hands of our staff via any tool they want to use."

- David Baumgarten, Lead Architect - XTO Energy

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

The EHR system has the ability to push out events, and Cincinnati Children's wanted to be able to respond to those quickly and update app users with new information on same day surgery cases. The hospital solved the challenge using Azure Event Grid, Azure Functions, and Azure Cosmos DB.

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"Our platform intersects a great deal of data and technology, yet our complete integration with Azure streamlines our infrastructure, simplifies our processes and makes our lives infinitely easier."

- Felix Grevy, Global Head of Product Management

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IoT telemetry data is stored using a Lambda approach, whereby hot-path data flows into Azure Cosmos DB for internal analytics through Microsoft Power BI, and external visualization via web and mobile apps.

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