Retail and ecommerce architecture guidance

Retail and ecommerce applications

Support in-depth queries over diverse product catalogs, traffic spikes, and rapidly changing inventory.

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Scalable order processing on Azure

This example scenario is relevant to organizations that need a highly scalable and resilient architecture for online order processing.

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Event-driven Order Processing

Use Azure Functions and Change Feed in Azure Cosmos DB to build a serverless order processing engine.

Real-time retail data analysis

Reference Solution for Real-Time Data Analysis with Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed (+ Azure Functions, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics, Power BI).

Retail solution on GitHub

Sentiment analytis

A simple Node.js website to analyze customer sentiment from Twitter. Part of the larger SmartHotel360 reference, a fictitious smart hospitality company showcasing the future of connected travel.

Sentiment analysis solution on GitHub

Additional Resources

To learn more about building Retail Applications with Azure Cosmos DB, check out these resources.

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