Azure Cosmos DB Live TV

Evolution of NoSQL and Cosmos DB - Episode 20

In this episode, Andrew Liu joins Mark to talk about the origins and history of NoSQL databases and Cosmos DB. Andrew will also guide viewers through the architecture underlying Cosmos DB on a white board. You'll get an inside look at how Cosmos DB is built. This is going to be a fast-paced and exciting episode you don't want to miss.

Upcoming episodes

Kafka Connect for Cosmos DB - Episode 21

In this episode Mark is joined by Abinav Rameesh to talk about and dig into the new Kafka Connector for Cosmos DB. Kafka, with it's rich ecosystem of source and sink connectors, enables microservices to communicate with each other while still being independent of the underlying databases.

Managing Cosmos DB resources - Episode 22

In this episode Mark will talk about how to manage Cosmos DB using ARM Templates and bicep as well as PowerShell and Azure CLI. Mark will explore Cosmos DB's resource provider, showing what the various properties are used for and show you how to perform various management operations.

Past episodes

Client-side Encryption -Episode 19

In this episode, Thomas will showcase how client-side encryption complements the existing security controls available on Azure Cosmos DB. Whether you want to encrypt your data on-premises, or need to add extra security over sensitive data, Always Encrypted has you covered!

Discussing trends on data and cloud - Episode 18

In this episode, Mark meets up with Lena Hall, Director of Engineering at Microsoft focusing on large-scale distributed systems and modern architectures, to talk about trends in data in the cloud including, data sharing, hybrid data, new approaches to data modeling and more.

Cosmos DB integrated cache - Episode 17

In this episode, Tim Sander returns to talk about the new Integrated Cache for Cosmos DB. The new Integrated cache enables you to add caching to a Cosmos DB app without code changes. Learn to identify workloads that will most benefit from the integrated cache and how to monitor it as well.

Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics in with Insights and Workbooks on Cosmos DB - Episode 16

In this episode, Mark meets up with Estefani Arroyo to talk about monitoring and diagnostics in Cosmos DB. You'll learn some tips and tricks for advanced monitoring and debugging your Cosmos DB resource using Insights, Workbooks, and Logs!

Behind the scenes - Exploring Cosmos DB's new compute layer - Episode 15

Cosmos DB is a multi-tenant database service. But did you know that there are new single-tenant services that customers are using? For instance our new cache and dedicated gateway is single-tenant. So too is our new Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra. In this episode, Mark meets Mei-Chin Tsai, Principal Group Engineering Manager on the Cosmos DB team. She leads the development of this new compute platform on the Cosmos DB team and she is going to show us all the engineering that is behind all this.

CosmosDB Continuous mode backup - Episode 14

In this episode, Mark meets up with Govind Kanshi to talk about the backup and restore features in Cosmos DB. Deleted an account? Modified or deleted data from a container? Want a copy of data in another region? Cosmos DB's new continuous backup mode covers you end to end.

Availability and best practices on Cosmos DB .NET SDK - Episode 13

In this episode, Mark sits down with Matias Quaranta. We'll do a deep dive into the SDK on connectivity, understand how each connection mode works, which are the best practices to achieve higher availability, and how exactly the SDKs handle failover or regional outages. Join us and learn how you can get even more out of our SDK.

BUILD Recap and Announcements - Episode 12

In this episode, Mark recaps and takes a deeper look at some of the features announced at BUILD with some of the people who worked on them.

Securely connecting to Cosmos DB using Service endpoints and Private Endpoints - Episode 11

In this episode, Thomas returns to show off Cosmos DB's support for both Service Endpoints and Private Endpoints that can secure access to your Cosmos DB endpoints as well as reduce the risk of data exfiltration.

Taking a look at the new Azure Cosmos DB Linux Emulator - Episode 10

In this episode, Mark joins Estefani Arroyo as she walks through how to get the new Cosmos DB Linux Emulator up and running for testing your applications locally! If you write or deploy Cosmos DB apps in Mac OS or Linux this episode is for you!