Azure Cosmos DB Live TV

Taking a look at the new Azure Cosmos DB Linux Emulator - Episode 10

In this episode, Mark joins Estefani Arroyo as she walks through how to get the new Cosmos DB Linux Emulator up and running for testing your applications locally! If you write or deploy Cosmos DB apps in Mac OS or Linux this episode is for you!

Upcoming episodes

Securely connecting to Cosmos DB using Service endpoints and Private Endpoints - Episode 11

In this episode, Thomas returns to show off Cosmos DB's support for both Service Endpoints and Private Endpoints that can secure access to your Cosmos DB endpoints as well as reduce the risk of data exfiltration.

BUILD Recap and Announcements - Episode 12

In this episode, Mark recaps and takes a deeper look at some of the features announced at BUILD with some of the people who worked on them.

Past episodes

Exploring ExRam.Gremlinq, a .NET object-graph-mapper for Apache TinkerPop - Episode 9

In this episode Mark meets up with Daniel Weber, the creator of ExRam.Gremlinq a .NET object-graph-mapper for Apache TinkerPop Gremlin database. In this episode Daniel will walk though Gremlinq, showing lots of cool features and set up an ASP.NET app from scratch to see how easy it is to build graph-enabled applications. (

Exploring the new Azure AD and RBAC support in Cosmos DB - Episode 8

In this episode, Mark is joined by Thomas Weiss who will go through the new support Cosmos DB has for authentication and authorization with Azure Active Directory and the new role-based access control to manage permissions for users and apps. This is a super exciting feature so definitely don't want to miss it.

Exploring Alpaqa Studio, a new IDE for Cosmos DB - Episode 7

In this episode Mark meets with Tomasz Naumowicz, founder of Alpaqa Studio, a new IDE for Cosmos DB. During the session Tomasz will walk Mark through many of the features in this new tool and show how it can help developers be more productive making it easy to explore and edit data in Cosmos DB.

Monitoring in Azure Cosmos DB - Episode 6

In this episode, Mark joins Saranya to look at metrics and logs that are emitted from Cosmos DB. We will walkthrough a debugging exercise on an active live database to understand queries (such as the most long running, most expensive etc) and under the hood partition and stats. If you are using Cosmos DB today, you should surely join this session. Deploying onto Cosmos DB is half the work while monitoring and debugging is the remaining half.

Cosmos DB Change Feed - Episode 5

In this episode Mark joins Tim who will go deep on one of the coolest features in Cosmos DB, Change Feed. Change Feed can be used to move data, trigger events or stream data. If you use Cosmos DB you absolutely don't want to miss this episode!

Intro to Cosmos DB Python SDK - Episode 4

In this episode Mark joins Rodrigo Souza who will show off and walk you through the Cosmos DB Python SDK. We'll walk through all aspects of the SDK to create objects, scale your containers, as well as load and query data.

Touring the Cosmos DB .NET SDK - Episode 3

In this episode, Mark Brown will take you through the Cosmos DB .NET SDK. During this session Mark will create a very basic data layer that performs CRUD operations in Cosmos DB, showing off various features along the way. If you're brand new to Cosmos DB come check this episode out.

Cosmos DB Indexing & Query Performance - Episode 2

In this episode Mark Brown meets up with Tim Sander to talk about indexing and queries in Cosmos DB. Want faster queries and lower costs? Come watch this episode to learn best practices for optimal query performance in Azure Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB Notebooks - Episode 1

In this episode of Cosmos DB Live TV Mark explores Cosmos DB Notebooks with program manager, Deborah Chen. These are super cool with all the power and great visualization features that come with Notebooks. There's lots of samples to help you get started. You can even create and share you own with other Cosmos DB users. Come learn about them in this episode.