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StackOverflow is one of the most used sites for asking general purpose programming questions, and there are a lot of great answers to .NET questions already.

To make the most of StackOverflow, we recommend reading their How do I ask a good question? guide.

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Find and fork repos with our official SDKs, tools and samples along with tons of other tools, samples and complete reference apps built by Microsoft and our community.


@AzureCosmosDB is the main Twitter account you can follow to keep in touch with us and get updates. You can also keep a search of #cosmosdb for updates on Azure Cosmos DB from the community.


Stay up to date with the Azure Cosmos DB Blog for the latest information, news and updates on Azure Cosmos DB as well as tips and tricks and valuable insights from our engineering team.


We publish lots of videos about Azure Cosmos DB on YouTube including short how-to videos, interviews, and full-length technical sessions.

Channel 9

Watch Azure Cosmos DB videos on Channel 9 to stay up to date on our latest announcements.

User Voice

Visit our User Voice to see what features customers are asking for. Request and vote up features yourself.